Our T-ball program builds on what was taught in PreT. Players have a basic knowledge of how the game is played and fundamentals are introduced. All players begin the season hitting off of a tee but are introduced to coach pitching as well.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer during practices to help the coach achieve small group training.

The uniform package includes jersey, pants, and a hat. The players will need a black belt and black socks

In their baseball bag  they'll need:

  • Bat - With player's arms stretched out like a T, place one end of bat at the center of his chest. They should be able to curl their fingers around the other end of the bat.  Look for a -12 bat. This number represents the difference between the length of the bat and its weight.
  • Batting helmet - Helmet should fit snugly and include a face mask.
  • Glove - should fit snug and be comfortable and have 2" of space between the end of the index finger and the end of the glove.
  • Cleats - molded rubber bottom